"A whole new experience. Included with every coin package."

Plus is the current membership system of MeepCity. A Plus membership is included with every coin package that is purchased. Each coin package includes the same benefits of Plus, but higher priced coin packages include longer Plus membership lengths.

Currently, Plus will not run out once it is purchased by a Meep. It will remain this way until all planned Plus benefits are implemented.

Plus Features


The Plus page.

The current features for Plus Meeps include...

  • 15 coins per day
  • 10 tokens a day
  • Customizable themes 
  • Plus status in chat, on profiles, and on the forums
  • Ability to donate to other Meeps
  • 10% off on all non-limited items in the shop
  • Two-Step Verification

More features will be added soon!

Buying PLUS for a Friend

You can gift one of your friend's PLUS. If you purchase PLUS for your friend, you will get a free bandana along with the purchase.
Purchase for a friend

Purchase for a friend

After you've picked what package you'd like to give to your friend, press the "Purchase for a friend" button

Select a payment method and go through the payment process. Once you receive the PLUS code, contact your friend by babble, or another private messaging app sending them the code to redeem.