This wiki is only up for nostalgia reasons. This wiki will most likely NOT be updated.
The ROBLOX game MeepCity is currently OPEN. This wiki is for the old website NOT the ROBLOX game.

If you'd like information on future projects or news, follow them on Twitter: @alexnewtron @sethlag

The MeepCity Wikia will remain open, but will not be updated. Most pages have been locked to prevent vandalism.

It's good to have an open path down memory lane.
A MeepCity style game opened as a ROBLOX game
On October 6th, alexnewtron announced that MeepCity will be reopened as a ROBLOX game in November! The new game does not have collectibles, and instead of controlling a meep, you control your roblox character, and you can buy meeps from the shop. You can play it here.
MeepCity is an online social hangout for kids!
Players can create and customize their own Meep with items in our Shop that they can purchase with Coins and Tokens. Feel free to edit pages as long as you follow the rules!


Staff Members

Take a peek at all of the official moderators and admins of MeepCity. 

MeepCity Forums


Learn about the forums! Read what's all the fuss about the forums.

Friend Of Plus Bandana


Look at MeepCity's membership system, and it's benefits.



Learn about what MeepCity used to be in the past.



Limiteds of all kinds! Check this out to learn what limiteds are and how they work.


Two-Step Verification

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New Items
Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail

"Bawk Bawk Bawk"  

Turkey Snowcap

Turkey Snowcap

"Turkeys cooked to warm us during the winter".

Hey Meeps, good news!
Ever been worried that someone got in your account because maybe you told the wrong person your password? Worry no more. If you have an SMS-capable cell phone and two hands, you’re eligible for a new account security feature!